About Us!

Dogs are part of my everyday life. I own 2 spaniels myself who I train with in Agility and many other areas. I teach a variety of dog training classes in Derbyshire and host a number of workshops featuring some of the top dog trainers in the UK.

I absolutely love what I do, working in the gorgeous Derbyshire Peak District surrounded by rolling hills and countryside, I work with some fantastic people and dog’s and I really enjoy helping their relationships and confidence with their dogs grow through our training programmes and classes!

I am a firm believer that by interacting with your dog in a fun, relaxed and enjoyable way you can achieve amazing results and create the most fantastic bond !

My philosophy is:

Play… Train… Enjoy… Succeed!

I only ever use positive, fun and reward based training. Every dog is an individual and I pride myself on adapting the training to suit their specific needs and struggles.

I have previously been a dog walker for a number of years, walking a variety of breeds, sizes and temperaments! I also volunteer at a local animal shelter where I both walk and train the dogs.

My background is in counselling and psychotherapy where I hold a number of qualifications in this field but my interest soon turned to canines and after spending time with them daily I realised I wanted to know more so I retrained and haven’t looked back!

I have a Diploma in Canine Behavioural Training in which I received the highest grade a Distinction.

I am Certified and qualified Agility Teacher and Concept Based Dog Trainer.

I regularly attend the latest workshops and courses to keep my skills current and up to date with any new developments and changes and I continuously study a range of online courses in all areas of Dog Training and Behaviour.

I have undertaken a vast range of courses with my own dogs; puppy classes, obedience, clicker training, sniffer workshops, agility workshops, focus workshops, rally, hoopers to name a few, so I also have a vast range of practical knowledge and experience.

Please see the qualifications section for further information and a detailed list of my qualifications and experience.

I am CRB/ DRB checked and fully insured.


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Katrina and the Team 🐾🐾