Agility for Fun

A fantastic fun weekly class where the aim is for you and your dog to have fun getting round an agility or steeplechase course. The contact equipment will be on the nursery (low) height.

These classes are suitable for:

  • Handlers who want to partake in agility but have no desire to compete.
  • Dogs coming out of our foundation classes who may need to build up larger sequences.
  • Dogs that need lower equipment or flowing courses (older dogs perhaps).

To be eligible for these classes your dog must have undertaken some previous agility training. This is to ensure that your dog knows how to navigate the equipment safely.

In these classes the emphasis is on fun! We only teach basic handling skills in this class, for anyone wanting to learn the more advanced handling or for those wanting to go on to compete have a look at our course running classes .

See the Agility section for a full list of all the agility training we offer.