Agility Workshops

We are passionate about creating happy and confident agility dogs who love the sport as much as their handlers! In our Agility training workshops you will not only learn the agility skills but also the most important bit – the team work skills, which go hand in hand with your agility training!

Being a certified Pro Dog Trainer with Absolute Dogs we can bring you the same skills throughout your training used by Top Level Competitor and Agility Team GB member Lauren Langman who is the founder of Absolute Dogs.

We use a range of fun games in all our training sessions which build happy, confident dogs who will love to train!

We offer a range of Workshops perfect for your sports dog. These workshops can be an extra top up to your weekly training sessions or a stand alone Workshop for you to try.

For more information please click the links below:

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Key Concepts for your Sports Dog

Fun, Fit, Focused

Footwork Fun (Agility)

Agility Skills

Beautiful Boundaries

Confident Canines

Agility Full Course Workshop

Confident Contacts

Wonderful Weaves

We keep our training skills current and up to date by attending weekly training sessions and regular training workshops with the UK’s top agility trainers. Please see the qualifications section for further information.