“Katrina, You are a credit to your vocation. Knowledge, guidance, patience and encouragement, and great fun. ” Steve

“Another interesting and informative workshop from Katrina. We love the workshops you do, as they are great fun and teaches so many new things.” Linda

“I have been attending the Fun in a Flash course, I also do the agility classes. My dog Joey is very easily distracted and he has a terrible habit of lunging at cars and some dogs. When I started Agility, I did think it was going to be quite simple, and straightforward, I never realised the importance of focus. I joined Fun in a Flash, and in the four-week intensive course, I have learnt all about proximity and the importance of rewarding, behaviour in particular non-behaviour, and how to keep Joey calm, and me from anticipating his behaviour. I have learnt so much about Joey and myself, we have a firm bond, the games are fun for both dog and handler, and are so easy to take out of the course and play at home. We now play a game every day as part of our daily routines. Our bond is so much stronger, because of this our Agility work is improving, we have such a strong bond, He really is my best friend.
Katrina is a natural, she is patient and really helps you to understand your dog and going at their pace, the importance of having fun and keeping it real.
Thank you Katrina” Emma Stephenson

“Hi Katrina Thank you for a fantastic morning I really feel that I have got so much out of our session and lots of good things to work on. It was also brilliant seeing MA off lead and doing what he loves.
See you next week xx” Kate P.

“Joining Tails and Peaks Agility is the best decision we have made. Katrina and John are so friendly and supportive, the classes are exciting and challenging but so achievable. I cannot believe how much progress we have made in such a short space of time and our golden retriever Lillie loves this class. Thank you so much for all your support, our confidence grows weekly, absolutely love the classes” Heather Millington

“Your lessons were fantastic. They suited every handlers abilities and made us feel totally relaxed and at ease. They were so much fun, suitable for each dog and set at just the right pace. We can’t wait to be back ran by such lovely people 😁” Emma Guest

“Cannot believe how quickly hoops progressed , I took him just for socialisation as he isn’t really dog friendly but with Katrina and John’s help and guidance he just keeps getting better and my confidence handling him , the trust between hoops and me has grown and it really does show in his ability and focus it has definitely changed our relationship for the better. Better dog better owner” Gail Tagg

“Katrina is a brilliant trainer. She draws on her experiences as a pupil as well as a trainer to make the classes enjoyable, appropriate and organised to maximise training time. However, Katrina will always find time to work on anything which you are having difficulty with, or programme it into a future training session. Katrina encourages us all to be the best we can always be and manages to find something positive to say about each every one of us. It is such a pleasure to work with her. Toby has come on in leaps and bounds and my own confidence has grown while working with her.” Valerie Tatlow

“Katrina is an a amazing trainer full of enthusiasm and support she has took on the most challenging border collie every Scamp is hard to work when it comes to training . as his focus is always a little unfocused he isn’t bothered with toys or treats and is very hard work the only thing he is good with is lol bubbles” Dee Sloman

“Prior to starting pre-agility with my little scatter brained Ella, I was excited but also a little bit nervous. However, the weekly sessions have far exceeded my expectations and we both get a real buzz out of the training sessions. A lot of this is down to Katrina who always remains calm – taking the time to explain what is required, breaking down what is required from each challenge, and giving support and encouragement. Thursday evenings have never been such fun.” Jane Berry

“Joey is hard work but since we’ve been attending Katrina’s classes. he is a different dog, we are learning to work together, and we have a solid bond. joey is getting better every week, i have more confidence. its thanks to Katrina’s patience and excellent pre agility training. we have a long way to go, but with the training and support we are getting i know we will get there thanks to the whole team” Emma Stephenson

“Misty really enjoys training sessions with Katrina and is beginning to work well surrounded by other working dogs focusing on me most of the time. It is good to have fresh ideas and methods to work with, even experienced trainers get stuck in a rut so thank you Katrina x” Marian Ogden

“Katrina has looked after our dog on numerous occasions now and our dog absolutely loves going there. We completely trust her and definitely use her whenever we need a dog sitter. We highly recommend her services” Julie, Crich

“We have often dropped Coco off with Katrina as life sometimes doesn’t involve our fourth family member Coco. We feel extreme confident leaving Coco, knowing she will have a great time and not want to come home. It rare to meet someone so enthusiastic about dogs but Katrina and her team definitely love dogs. I would highly recommend her and her service with confidence” Marc Hatton

” Katrina has been walking our two Dandie Dinmont terriers for the last four months. Sally(5) is a show dog who needs to be walked steadily, and Dilly(11+) needs a more careful walk, so they require different handling.

Katrina has been flexible to changing the hours to suit our complicated “medical” life and gets on very well with both the dogs, who wait for her arrival each time with excitement and great anticipation.

She is a most pleasant and cheerful person. We would be lost without her, both of us having limited mobility.”

Elaine and Tony Jarvis

Katrina started walking our rescued Jack Russell, Ziggy, back in February and has been a real help. Ziggy is very nervous of strangers but they soon became good friends. She is always pleased to see Katrina, as is obvious from her very waggy tail and the demand for an instant belly tickle! I trust Katrina completely to bring Ziggy back safely and know that she has great fun while she’s out on her adventures. She certainly sleeps for England when she gets back home!”

Jayne and Paul Russell

Left Coco with Katrina and John at Tails & Peaks today for the day, Always excellent service and value. Its good to know you can leave your dog in good hands, she is snoring now after a really fun day. Will always use and would highly recommend.

Thank you loads

Jules, Marc & Coco